Me, Myself and IBorn on july 11 1982 in a town called Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, Earth-14519. They named him Michael Vincent Baks and became know as M.V. Baks. He grow up in Veenendaal. He started his live as a baker. Followed a education on "Het Streek Collage" in Ede. After Ede i continued his study as a baker on a school named "Vak school Wageningen", as you guessed in Wageningen. People see this is the place he found his connection with the creative world, others think he is not even of that world.

After a diffecult time in the world of bakery he stoped and moved to Wemeldinge. It was for a short time but as he said himself nower days: "It was the time i needed to find myself". After two and a half years he moved to the big city: Rotterdam. Where he followd th art academie: "Willem de Kooning Academie". At that time he was entring the world of Devana.

He started a gallery (Downw_arts), graduated at the Willem de Kooning academie. Het stoped the gallery after five years and founded Merwin Online. A company that specialized in portfolio website with custom made software.
He all so had his first solo expasition "A journey to Metamelei" in Podium O 950. Here he introduced "the world of Devana" to the world, specaly the the city Metamelei.