M.V. Baks

M.V. Baks, Earth-34189


Born on july 11th - 1982, The Netherlands, Earth-14519. Michael Vincent Baks (M.V. Baks) 

While attending the bakery school, he quickly realised that he was too free spirited and eager to create something with his own hands, to be pushing buttons of baking machines for the rest of his life. That's why, very quickly he moved to Rotterdam to obtain his bachelor in fine-arts (Willem de Kooning academy).

During the third year of his studies, he started his own art gallery called Downw_arts, for which he curated and took care of the production and it's agency for more than 40 exhibitions on different locations in Rotterdam.

During the last eight years, he has specialized himself in software development and building robotics, resulting in all kinds of aquephonic, aerophonic and hydrophonic installations. With which he reflects on the way man attempts to control and manipulate nature with technology.

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